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Email has an ROI that is 4X greater than any other medium.

Yet most marketers aren't leveraging email to take advantage of this very profitable application.

One of the reasons for this is there are over 300 billion emails sent every business day, and over 90% of them (270 billion emails) are spam.

Because of that, 51% of business email is not received by the recipient. 26% goes to spam, and 25% ends up in quarantine (unseen).

These challenges provide our clients an opportunity to achieve a 3,800% ROI with email marketing when we apply our 3 step email deliverablity and open rate optimization process.

Step 1.

We resolve any, and all, issues with the structure and security of our clients' email accounts to improve their deliverability.

Step 2.

We create personalized behavior-based workflows designed to increase engagement by increasing the percentage of people who open, read, click, and reply to your emails.

Step 3.

We coach our clients on using best email practices, so they maintain a high email deliverability and open rate for the long-term.

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The fastest way to increase your email profits

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