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Email Deliverability Tune-Up

Our flagship service. We go through our internal 92-point checklist to identify, and resolve, the source of any email deliverability problems–and then optimize your email account for maximum deliverability.

Clients typically see delivery rate increases to their recipient’s primary inbox in the 97% to 100% range when we complete the tune-up.

You will receive a full report detailing what was done to optimize your email deliverability.

We’ll also give you suggestions/coaching to help to maintain your high deliverability rate.

It is recommended you have an Email Deliverability Tune-Up done every 6 months, as your email activity, or inactivity, along with changes by the mailbox providers or your Email Service Provider, can affect your email deliverability.

Price: Starting at $2,500

The Email ROI Maximizer

This high-level, customized service is based on your users’ engagement. We use advanced list segmentation methodology to create weekly and/or monthly broadcast schedules to maximize your email deliverability, and maintain a high sender reputation.

We will also advise you on the what types of promotions you should send, and the timing as to when to send them, to maximize your return on every email sent.

This is for anyone who wants to constantly, and predictably, maximize the value of their email list.

Depending on the size of your email list, the typical ROI of this service is an additional 5X – 12X (based on the revenue you are already making from your list).

Price: Starting at $1,00 per month for list sizes up to 100,000.

Please contact us if you use email for prospecting (i.e., cold email) or have a list size over 500,000.

Dedicated Email Domain Monitoring

This is a very hands-on monitoring service where we ensure the security and sender reputation of your email domain. We fix any issues that arise.

We also alert you when you are using email practices that will cause your domain harm, and advise you on the best options.

Every month, we will:

  • Provide feedback on each of your campaigns during the month
  • Tell you what you can improve
  • Let you know what’s bad in your content that will cause harm to your sender reputation
  • Check the inbox placement with the major inbox providers to make sure you maintain a high inbox placement with them

We have found this is the best way to develop the habit of following best email marketing practices to ensure every email you send reaches your recipient’s primary inbox.

Price: Starts at $500 per month, and drops to $200 per month if there are no problems for 3 months

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