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The Wizards of Email Deliverability

Since launching in May of 2020, we’ve earned a 5 Star reputation with our clients because of our ability to quickly solve email deliverability problems and quickly increase email open and click-through rates by 10%, 50%, even 1,500%. Usually in 48 hours, or less.

Email Open Rate Optimization was born out of my personal frustration with the complexity of getting email consistently delivered to my recipient’s primary inbox.

I’ve been using email for myself, as a marketing vehicle, for over 20 years. And considered myself advanced when it came to DNS Authentication, Configuration, Security, and email structural strategy (including advanced segmentation methodology). But I eventually realized unless you are involved with this every day, the technology advances eventually overwhelm and surpass you.

I teamed up with the head email deliverability analyst with a major Email Service Provider. His only job, since he graduated from college 7 years ago, has been to ensure their clients’ emails get delivered. And he has pioneered breakthrough methods in the field of email deliverability.

He brought over 3 of his colleagues to join us–and combined, they have over 28 years of experience exclusively in email deliverability.

There is no substitute for experience. Our team has seen, and solved, every email delivery problem imaginable.

Our clients have called us magicians and wizards, because after spending days, weeks, and sometimes months trying everything they could think, trying different software solutions, and even hiring email experts to improve their email open and click-through rates, our team was able to identify and resolve their problems in less than a couple of days.

Our motto is simple. We are the experts you call when your emails absolutely, positively have to be delivered, opened, read, and clicked.

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