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Our Email Open Rate Optimization Checklist will walk you step-by-step through identifying, and fixing, the primary issues that prevent your emails from being delivered to a high percentage of your recipients’ primary inboxes. Each step is thoroughly explained, and includes screenshots.

With the Checklist, you can ensure you maintain a high Sender Reputation, so you can be confident that whenever you send an email, it will reach your recipient’s primary inbox.

Here is what you will be able to accomplish when you purchase the Email Open Rate Optimization Checklist:

Identify the issues hurting your email deliverability

Determine if your emails are being blocked by any of the major mailbox providers

Determine which, if any, Blacklists/Blocklists you are on, and how to get removed from them

Validate the authentication of your DNS Records

Check, validate, and configure SPF and DKIM records

Find, and fix, IP issues that may be causing your emails to get blocked

Complete step-by-step instructions on how to properly configure DMARC (high level email security)

Learn how to properly structure your email account to avoid problems

Receive our Email Best Practices Checklist

Discover monitoring options

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